Elegance Grates

  • Like many great things, the Elegance Range was born of a desire to make an existing product better. For years Allproof Industries has lead the market with its range of shower wastes. Now a new look with sleek stainless steel construction updates the system for modern bathrooms.

    • Resilient and superb finish of Stainless Steel
    • Variety of designs 
    • Available as complete Tile Shower Waste Kit with 100mm Cyclone Flange 
    • Available to suit 80mm or 100mm
    • Proudly manufactured in New Zealand
    • Compatible with Leak Control Flange, Revolver and 100mm Cyclone
      *Adapter required for individual flanges

    Wedge Wire (SS0)

    Wedge Wire (SS0)

    Globe (SS1)

    Globe (SS1)

    Cross (SS2)

    Cross (SS2)

    Wave (SS3)

    Wave (SS3)

    Quarter (SS4)

    Quarter (SS4)

    Straight (SS5)

    Straight (SS5)

    Diagonal (SS6)

    Diagonal (SS6)

    Plate (SS7)

    Plate (SS7)





    For custom plated and powder coated finishes please allow extra time as these are made bespoke to order.

    Please note colours may vary due to monitor display settings.

    When selecting a custom finish please communicate this when placing your order.

    Stainless Steel (Standard)

    Stainless Steel (Standard)





    Antique Copper

    Antique Copper

    Powder Coated Black

    Powder Coated Black

    Custom Colour Powder Coating

    Custom Colour Powder Coating


    Elegance LC Kits

    Code  Description .pdf File CAD File 
    TK80SS0 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Grate

    TK80SS0.pdf TK80SS0.pdf(315 KB)

    TK80SS0.dwg TK80SS0.dwg(1070 KB)

    TK80SS3 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Wave Grate

    TK80SS3.pdf TK80SS3.pdf(315 KB)

    TK80SS3.dwg TK80SS3.dwg(1099 KB)

    TK80SS4 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Quarter Grate

    TK80SS4.pdf TK80SS4.pdf(313 KB)

    TK80SS4.dwg TK80SS4.dwg(1087 KB)

    TK80SS5 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Straight Grate

    TK80SS5.pdf TK80SS5.pdf(320 KB)

    TK80SS5.dwg TK80SS5.dwg(1084 KB)

    TK80SS6 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Diagonal Grate

    TK80SS6.pdf TK80SS6.pdf(314 KB)

    TK80SS6.dwg TK80SS6.dwg(1084 KB)

    TK80SS7 80mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Plate Grate

    TK80SS7.pdf TK80SS7.pdf(301 KB)

    TK80SS7.dwg TK80SS7.dwg(1055 KB)

    TK100SS0 100mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Grate

    TK100SS0.pdf TK100SS0.pdf(316 KB)

    TK100SS0.dwg TK100SS0.dwg(1094 KB)

    TK100SS3 100mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Wave Grate

    TK100SS3.pdf TK100SS3.pdf(312 KB)

    TK100SS3.dwg TK100SS3.dwg(1127 KB)

    TK100SS4 100mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Quarter Grate

    TK100SS4.pdf TK100SS4.pdf(315 KB)

    TK100SS4.dwg TK100SS4.dwg(1118 KB)

    TK100SS5 100mmTile Kit with Stainless Steel Straight Grate

    TK100SS5.pdf TK100SS5.pdf(310 KB)

    TK100SS5.dwg TK100SS5.dwg(1113 KB)

    TK100SS6 100mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Diagonal Grate

    TK100SS6.pdf TK100SS6.pdf(305 KB)

    TK100SS6.dwg TK100SS6.dwg(1116 KB)

    TK100SS7 100mm Tile Kit with Stainless Steel Plate Grate

    TK100SS7.pdf TK100SS7.pdf(298 KB)

    TK100SS7.dwg TK100SS7.dwg(1087 KB)

    Elegance Grates

    Code  Description  .pdf File CAD File
    204.80SS0 80mm Elegance Wire

    204.80SS0.pdf 204.80SS0.pdf(180 KB)

    204.80SS0.dwg 204.80SS0.dwg(199 KB)

    204.100SS0 100mm Elegance Wire

    204.100SS0.pdf 204.100SS0.pdf(171 KB)

    204.100SS0.dwg 204.100SS0.dwg(178 KB)

    204.80SS1 80mm Elegance Globe

    204.80SS1.pdf 204.80SS1.pdf(245 KB)

    204.80SS1.dwg 204.80SS1.dwg(433 KB)

    204.100SS1 100mm Elegance Globe

    204.100SS1.pdf 204.100SS1.pdf(238 KB)

    204.100SS1.dwg 204.100SS1.dwg(418 KB)

    204.80SS2 80mm Elegance Cross

    204.80SS2.pdf 204.80SS2.pdf(214 KB)

    204.80SS2.dwg 204.80SS2.dwg(303 KB)

    204.100SS2 100mm Elegance Cross

    204.100SS2.pdf 204.100SS2.pdf(211 KB)

    204.100SS2.dwg 204.100SS2.dwg(311 KB)

    204.80SS3 80mm Elegance Wave

    204.80SS3.pdf 204.80SS3.pdf(218 KB)

    204.80SS3.dwg 204.80SS3.dwg(305 KB)

    204.100SS3 100mm Elegance Wave

    204.100SS3.pdf 204.100SS3.pdf(218 KB)

    204.100SS3.dwg 204.100SS3.dwg(310 KB)

    204.80SS4 80mm Elegance Quarter

    204.80SS4.pdf 204.80SS4.pdf(214 KB)

    204.80SS4.dwg 204.80SS4.dwg(312 KB)

    204.100SS4 100mm Elegance Quarter

    204.100SS4.pdf 204.100SS4.pdf(214 KB)

    204.100SS4.dwg 204.100SS4.dwg(313 KB)

    204.80SS5 80mm Elegance Straight

    204.80SS5.pdf 204.80SS5.pdf(207 KB)

    204.80SS5.dwg 204.80SS5.dwg(286 KB)

    204.100SS5 100mm Elegance Straight

    204.100SS5.pdf 204.100SS5.pdf(199 KB)

    204.100SS5.dwg 204.100SS5.dwg(269 KB)

    204.80SS6 80mm Elegance Diagonal

    204.80SS6.pdf 204.80SS6.pdf(208 KB)

    204.80SS6.dwg 204.80SS6.dwg(292 KB)

    204.100SS6 100mm Elegance Diagonal

    204.100SS6.pdf 204.100SS6.pdf(202 KB)

    204.100SS6.dwg 204.100SS6.dwg(277 KB)

    204.80SS7 80mm Elegance Plate

    204.80SS7.pdf 204.80SS7.pdf(191 KB)

    204.80SS7.dwg 204.80SS7.dwg(244 KB)

    204.100SS7 100mm Elegance Plate

    204.100SS7.pdf 204.100SS7.pdf(187 KB)

    204.100SS7.dwg 204.100SS7.dwg(236 KB)

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