Fire Plate

  • The Fire Plate is designed for concrete floors where a large core hole has been drilled to accommodate the body of a shower waste which is larger than the pipe outlet size. This occurs commonly when acrylic shower trays are used with shower wastes that feature a vertical exit. The Fire Plate consists of a pair of galvanized steel plates that are fixed to the underside of a concrete floor slab. When they are fixed together, a cut out for 40mm pipe exists in the two halves. The core hole should be back filled with fire rated polyurethane foam and a 40mm pipe collar then fitted to the fire plate around the 40mm waste pipe.

    *Fire collar not included.

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    FP40  40mm Fire Plate 200 wide (pair)    

    Suitable For Fitting To:

    • Concrete floors
    • Hollow core construction floors


    • Galvanized steel plates
    • Fire Plate used with Allproof 40mm Fire collar
    • Retrofit plates and collars


    Installation Instructions:

    1. Installation should occur when acrylic tray and shower waste are installed. Ensure substrate around pipe is flat and free from obstructions.
    2. Back fill core hole with Allproof fire rated foam from underside of slab. Start at the top of the penetration allowing time for the foam to expand towards bottom of the slab. Excess foam can be cut away with a knife or saw once it has cured.
    3. Fix the two halves of the fire plate to the underside of slab around 40mm waste pipe. Secure into concrete through fixing points provided using M6 masonry anchors. Do not use fixings which rely on plastic or nylon components for grip.
    4. Fix the 40mm pipe collar to the fire plate using self tapping metal screws. Slide pipe collar tab through slot and fold back 180° to secure. 


    For test results please see our Fire Brochure literature.

    Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx Fire-Penetration-Schedule.xlsx(13 KB)

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